One of the saddest things to hear is the horror stories we wouldn’t even have thought of in our wildest dreams come true. Such is the story of the Yazidi Girls that your heart is bound to break at all the cruelty this world has to offer.

I had the opportunity of meeting Ms. Mawahib Shaibani, who is an Art of Living teacher working in Syria and Iraq to provide trauma relief and support to refugees and victims of war, and other two Yazidi women of Iraq who had gone through countless struggles and sought solace in the help offered by Ms. Mawahib Shaibani.

When the ISIS attacked their village at midnight, they killed all the men and took away the children. “The girls were taken and collected in a hall. They segregated us and kept the pretty ones for the soldiers to use as their sex toys. We were raped and abused every single day,” one of them spoke. She talked of 12 year old girls who would be raped by around 20-50 men, and sometimes even more, countless times over and over again.

Yet, somewhere down the line, with the so-called ‘end’ of ISIS, these girls could escape. Unfortunately, not all of them were so lucky. Out of the 6500 girls that were captured, 3500 are still missing. “Help us,” she said, “Help us bring our girls back. Spread our stories. Let the world know.”

The very least we can do is cause an uproar in social media. Let the world know what is going on, lament over it like we did for the Paris attack, fight to get them back like we’ve fought for gay rights, get people involved like how they got involved in the #MeToo campaign, and for once, use the social media for good.

Please, we owe humanity that much.

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