I think I’m in love with the moon,
Look at how well she dances,
The chivalrous clouds try to escort her,
The stars twinkling at her with jealous glances.

She wears a dress of silver spring,
She twirls on the sky like a magic orb,
Oh she has had me spellbound
So majestic, she makes my heart throb.

I feel at peace when I’m with her,
Like I could while away my time
Too mesmerised by her beauty true
I’ll stay with her, bathed in her shine.

Had she been a girl, what would she look like?
A goddess in a flowing waterfall
Her curves would be her craters, her eyes the darkness
She’d stand proud and tall.

She’d have hair of silken silver
Bruises too, for what art exists without flaws?
She’d move with beauty and divine grace
Yet, her mood swings would leave me thawed.

She’d wear a crown on her head, the Queen
And at night she’d stare at the sky alone
Wishing she were among the stars,
For in the sky she’d know was her home.

She’d dream and paint in art
She’d make the young and old swoon
Men would be mesmerised, women awestruck
Afterall, she’d be the moon.

What would the name be?
Or would she even keep one I wonder?
Oh, the most beautiful of them all
Every thought of her makes me ponder.

Maybe the sky feels the same way,
Blessed to have Her in its arms
Yet knows that no one can ever own her
For she’s made of dreams and unmatched charms.

Oh, I’d be so in love
Like never before,
I’d look at her every day
But my heart would still be sore.

For who would deserve such grace and beauty
I’d never be hers, even if I had to try.
So I look at the beauty in the sky again
The sky an ocean, they have all been there,
but alas,
only to cry.


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