Echoes resonate inside my left ear, cries of men and women struggling for survival. Their voices fill my mind, they are lost deep within the enchanted forest but I can see their faces clearly. Eyes sunken with an eternal rain of fear and frustration, faces lost with the unanswered prayers through time. Lips chapped and torn like the barks of a century old tree, these crevasses filled with lies owing their origin to the magic of the tongue.

I watch the forest as it burns, smoke fill the oceans high above. The land of prosperity and peace turns into an ash tray almost instantly, the red GOD purifying the corrupt with the light elements breaking through everything. The once high and mighty crumble beneath it’s light feet, erasing their identities with a small squeal of satisfaction. I cannot do anything, I do not do anything, we started the fire with a cause and now we didn’t have any to extinguish it. I look towards my right, my captain shines with a smirk of contentment. My stomach crumbles and cramps, the innocent faces crying flash before my eyes.

I shut my eyes and ears and shout until I choke, my eyelids opens with dilated corneas. My platoon lay dead, my captain hung on a pole with a smirk on the left the other burnt. I run as fast as I can, a creeper holds my feet and I trip and hit my head on a rock knocking me out.

“Clahan!” I hear. “Come in for breakfast!”

I enter the room. Vanida strikes me with a lovely smile, my heart slips a little. “You’re gonna take my voice away one of these days.” she says. I smile and nod my head, the war took away my right ear drum, my mind is filled with their voices.

But when I see her, it all goes away. Gone like the wind.


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