Remember this achievement, this wonderful promotion. Your face glowed with joy and you felt like nothing could make you happier. Your hard work had paid off.

Remember your first day at this job, the ecstasy you felt. After years of struggling, you finally found something you’d actually wanted to spend your whole life doing.

Remember your first job, the curiosity with which you came in. You weren’t really sure whether you wanted this for the rest of your life, but it felt like you were gathering experience for something bigger.

Remember your first pay check, the excitement as you held that envelope in your hands. You had only passed out of school and started doing an internship. Here was the fruit of your labor. You felt like an adult then.

Remember your first high school love. You were in your teens and madly in love. Every poem started to make more sense and every song became one about your lover. The flowers you picked were all for her, and the dresses you wore were all for him. It was innocent, it was sweet, and when heartbreak came, it wrecked you and left you a little more grownup than before.

Remember the first trophy you ever held in your hands. You had spent hours practicing and working for this big competition and you won. It made you feel like you could do anything in the world, even conquer it.

Remember the first time you rode a bicycle by yourself. Your father was behind you and he clapped when you finally could ride by yourself without his help. With the wind, came the first rush of independence.

Remember the first time you helped your mom make a pancake. She said she didn’t need your help but you put your little hands in the flour anyway, it was squishy and it felt nice.

Remember the first time you learned how to walk. You were crawling on the floor, and the next minute, you had propped yourself up with the help of the table. You made your parents proud that day.

Remember the happy faces of your parents when you let out your first cry. You may not have noticed it then, but your mother had tears in her eyes too.

Remember your mother’s words and her sweet voice as she rocked you to sleep. It made you feel safe and sound.

Sometimes you can still hear her sing,
“It’s a great big world out there,
And there is always somebody to love you…”


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