It’s a pleasant evening, the sky is painted with the colour of oranges, the sparrows are returning home after a long day of search. They chirp merrily as the day has much to celebrate, a treasure of twigs and a feast of worms.

A light breeze blows across the plains and the woodland trees sing to it’s tune filling the enchanting land with music.
The squirrel jumps from one branch to another trying to find it’s favourite evening nut, which it happily munches on looking at the setting sun from the highest branch of the tree.

The deers stop grazing and look at the ravine with fear bottled up in their eyes. A fat water buffalo emerges from the dark, breaking the bottle returning back the deer’s lost breath.

The mighty horned beast slips quietly into the grey pond and disappears beneath the mud filled water, it cools down and settles for a short power nap.

A tiger spies on it from a distance, inching it’s way towards the buffalo concealed beneath the thick bushes. It’s eyes glow with hunger, a smirk on it’s face flashes with it’s killer instinct. It makes it’s way to a big tree over hanging the lake in which the buffalo lies submerged. The tiger waits for a moment and then leaps.
A man 200 metres away carefully scopes on the tiger as his target, laying down flat on the ground covered with creepers. He loads his weapon and holds his breath, double checks on the wind direction and speed. He closes his left eye, stares at the tiger’s eye and then fires.

The monkeys start chattering loudly, the cries span the entire forest. They hold onto their young ones and enclose them inside a warm hug.

Their eyes glisten with a blinding bright red colour, a loud boom echoes through the jungle walls silencing everything else. The trees burn and make firewood for the dead. Everything changes into dust, the skies turn grey enveloping the land of life with darkness.

The human president takes the keys off the switch and sips on his extra dark coffee and looks at the Earth engulfed by flames. A smile of satisfaction stretches through his face.

His spaceship returns back to it’s course, off to Trappist-1.


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